My Life Tech Stack — 2022 Edition

An updated overview of my favourite apps and tools.

Charlotte Grysolle
16 min readJun 7, 2022


I love experimenting with different tools and apps to make my personal and professional life more productive and easier to manage.

My 2021 Life Tech Stack received a great response, so here I am with an updated 2022 edition.

What’s a tech stack, you ask?

A technology stack or tech stack is the combination of technologies a company uses to build and run an application or project.

In this scenario: I am the company, and the project is my life.

I’ve highlighted which apps I’ve removed from my stack (🛑) and why, and which ones are new (🆕).

The categories remain the same, with just one addition: design. I’d like to start creating and using more visuals in my writing.

  • Personal Knowledge Management
  • Productivity
  • Writing
  • 🆕 Design
  • Self Development
  • Security

Note: there are no affiliate links in this post; this is purely for fun. 🤓

Personal Knowledge Management


Use it to get the most out of what you read

Readwise remains my #1 tool, just because it’s so essential to the overall ‘operation’.

Simply put, Readwise is a tool that helps you extract all your highlights and notes from different tools and stores them in one central location.

For me, I’ve connected Kindle for my book highlights and Readwise Reader for my online content highlights.

Readwise will consolidate everything and transfer it to Roam, my note-taking app.

This all happens automatically every day, without any effort on my part.

If you do a lot of reading and highlighting, and especially if you want to use those notes in your own writing, Readwise is a must.

Aside from importing and exporting, Readwise has several interesting features. I go into great detail in a separate post linked below, but I’ll just call out my…



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