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A simple mix of techy and non-techy stuff to boost concentration

Charlotte Grysolle
7 min readDec 23, 2021


Seeing all the positive reactions to My Life Tech Stack (23k views to date!), I thought I’d do another deep dive into an area where I like to geek out:

My home desk.

Like most office workers, I spend a big chunk of my working hours at home. Now, most people are easygoing and can work from pretty much anywhere. I have a friend who was using her ironing board in her closet as a desk, and there are many other hilarious examples of people getting creative with their setups.

I have gotten it into my head that I need an entire setup, with gadgets, to concentrate properly. I’m fortunate to have a girlfriend who allows me this separate space in our apartment while she sits in the living room corner. Yes, she’s one of those aforementioned low maintenance people.

If you’re the desk-setup-geek type, you might find this interesting and pick up an idea or two for yourself.

Let’s go.

Note: there are no affiliate links in this post; this was purely for fun. 🤓

Fully standing desk

I recently moved to a new place and needed a proper desk. I’ve gone all out and splurged on the holy grail of desks: an electric standing desk.

I say ‘splurged’ because yes, they are expensive, but I knew it would be a worthwhile investment. I spend a silly number of hours behind a computer, for work in general and now for writing. I honestly could not love the desk more. It’s my best purchase of the year.

I start each day standing up, probably until 10–11 am and then sit down for a few hours. I do calls standing up and sit down when I need to focus and do deep work. Then, usually another 1–2 hours of standing in the afternoon. I always make sure to put the standing desk up again before wrapping up, so I’m not tempted to sit down when I’m sleepy in the morning.

While standing up, I try to remind myself to do light stretches, squats, toe raises.

It’s difficult to isolate any results because I’ve been doing more exercise in general, and stopped drinking for a while, but I feel more present, engaged and focused…



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