How to Find & Sustain Motivation To Take Action

Do you know why you’re not taking action?

Charlotte Grysolle
9 min readFeb 28


So you know what question I get asked the most in my Creative Experiments workshops and 1–1 Creativity Calls?

“How have you managed to keep yourself motivated?”

They’re talking about my first Year of Creative Experiments.

For 12 whole months, I randomly picked a creative experiment to try out. No pressure, no goals, no expectations. The only rule was I had to write online about what I learned.

I actually stuck with it for an entire year, and the impact has been mind-blowing–personally, professionally, mentally, and emotionally (all the -y’s!)

Because here’s the thing:

I never saw myself as a disciplined or creative person–and used to beat myself up over my (self-diagnosed) lack of these elusive qualities.

So what changed?

How was I able to motivate myself enough to start, let alone keep going for an entire year?

The honest answer is: I coached myself through journaling.

Let me explain.

Thoughts ➝ Feelings ➝ Actions / Inactions ➝ Results

If we agree that our thoughts create our feelings, and our feelings dictate what we do/don’t do, and our actions/inactions define our results — then we can agree our thoughts are where it all starts.

If you want to get results (meaningful, long-lasting results!), you need to begin by analyzing your thoughts.

Thoughts ➝ Feelings ➝ Actions/Inactions ➝ Results

Most people fail at making a change because they try to skip the whole icky thoughts and feelings part and jump straight to ACTION.

They try to beat themselves into making the change. And ideally that change is impressive and overnight.

And that rarely works.

Not because they don’t have what it takes. Not because they don’t have good ideas. Not because it’s too late or they don’t have time.

But because they’re not looking at the underlying thoughts and feelings.



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