Be a 5-Star Student for a 5-Star Experience (+ 4 Other Philosophies For Injecting Energy Into Your Day)

Entrepreneur Shaan Puri’s uncommon tactics for uncommon results.

Charlotte Grysolle
7 min readJul 31, 2022


Shaan Puri in one of the live sessions

I recently took Shaan Puri’s writing course Power Writing.

It was good. We learned about writing cold emails, internal memos, landing pages, etc. I learned some good tricks and frameworks to make my copy stronger and punchier.

Funnily enough, the best part about the course had nothing to do with writing.

I learned just as much (maybe more) about the importance of having infectious energy and a positive mindset. About taking yourself less seriously and dropping the formality — not just in writing but in life in general.

Shaan says he built his career around ‘doing the uncommon to get uncommon results.’

Training yourself to show up daily with a high-energy mindset (regardless of the circumstances) is uncommon.

Here are 5 philosophies and frameworks I learned from Shaan to do just that.

Be a 5-Star Student for a 5-Star Experience

If you want a 5-star-experience, you need to show up with a 5-star attitude.

Be energetic, speak up, show some personality, and engage with people.

Sit up straight. Smile. Put in the work.

That applies to the context of an online course and pretty much every other situation in life.

I’ve walked away from many meetings moaning, “ugh, that was so boring, and no one said anything!”

Did I say anything? Did I try to keep the energy high?

Or when I complained about how unfriendly the service was someplace.

Did I show up as a 5-star customer in a 5-star mood? Probably not.

You can’t expect great experiences and positive attitudes from people if you don’t bring that yourself.

Show Up With a “Honey — I’m Hooooome!” Mentality

Most people look at others to set the tone or energy level in a room (or Zoom call).



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