8 Chrome Extensions to Give Your Browser Superpowers

Charlotte Grysolle
7 min readJul 7, 2022
8 Chrome Extensions

You’re missing out on a powerful browser experience if you don’t use any browser extensions.

Most people open their web browser only to search the web.

While that’s what they’re designed for, there are many more ways you can use your browser by installing ‘extensions’.

Here are 8 Chrome extensions that will instantly improve your online experience and productivity.

What is a browser extension?

First, if you’ve never used a browser extension before:

A browser extension is something like a plugin for your browser that adds certain functions and features to it.

By installing small software modules (extensions), you can customize your browser, so it’s more tailored to what you need.

Simply put — you’re personalizing your browser to your unique requirements instead of just using it as-is.

Browser extensions usually add additional features and functionalities to a website. But they can also remove unwanted features, such as pop-up ads.

Now, chances are you are using one of the 3 main web browsers:

  • Chrome (by Google)
  • Safari (by Apple)
  • Edge (Microsoft)

In this post, we’ll talk about Google Chrome, which is by far the most popular of the 3.

There are about 176,608 extensions available on the Chrome Web Store. A few of these software packages are made by Google, but more often, they come from third-party developers.

That means you do need to be careful about security and privacy when installing new extensions because you are giving that software module access to see and change information in your browser. So don’t just install anything you find, and make sure to check out the website and reviews.

Of course, the 8 extensions I’m about to share with you are good to go.

How do you install an extension?

Before we jump in: installing a browser extension is extremely simple.

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